Emergency Response Manual



This manual is intended to help homeowners and visitors prepare, and handle emergency events that may happen on their immediate and community property.

The location of the The Cottages puts us approximately 10 to 20 minutes away from Fire, Police or Ambulance assistance.  These first few minutes awaiting their arrival can be extremely important. 

Providing First Aid and other Emergency Procedures immediately after making that 911 call, can make all the difference in the prevention of further injury, or escalation of a hazardous situation.

A basic principle of the Emergency Preparedness Committee EPC is to “Be Prepared“.


  • We are in a 911 area.  Please call 911 in the event of an emergency requiring the assistance of Fire, Police and/or Ambulance services.
  • You will need to know your address and location, for swift Emergency Reponse.
  • Advise the Dispatcher of the nature of your Emergency, as calmly, and as clearly as possible.  Provide specific details that will enable the Emergency Responders to arrive better prepared to assist you.
  • Stay on-line with dispatchers, or call takers, and provide valuable updates in your situation if asked to do so.  This can help the Emergency units find you faster.
  • First Aid kits have been placed throughout The Cottages, including the Marina, the Beach and The Clubhouse (which also has an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) unit located in the foyer).  These kits have been placed there for use in emergency situations, as needed.
  • A hand-crank Siren has also been placed, on a post, atop of the wooden stairs, to assist in alerting the Community of any emergency situation that requires the awareness of ALL on-site residents.  Repeated bursts from this siren will indicate that such an emergency is taking place.  This Siren is also tested at least twice each year, at the same time Fire Drills are conducted.
  • These are scheduleld, on-going Community Training sessions designed to provide residents with both the necessary knowledge and practice required for the properr  use of this on-site Emergency Equipment.
  • Please take the time to become familiar with the Community Emergency Response Procedures as outlined in this manual.



Available throughout The Community


Located in The Clubhouse Foyer


Located atop the Wooden Stairs

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