In Case Of Fire



This bulletin has been prepared by The Cottages EPC Team as a guideline to follow in the event of a fire occurring anywhere on The Cottages property.

Following is a list of procedures to be followed:

  1. Call 911 immediately: Ensure that you have the correct address, and if possible, the unit number or area where the fire is located.
  2. Call any member of the EPC Team, and inform them of the situation:
  1. Once an EPC Team Member has been contacted, they will relay all of the required information to the rest of the team electronically, via their ‘WhatsApp’ application.
  2. One of the Members, (Doug Stevens or Dale Griffith), who live on the hill, will proceed to the alarm at the top of the Main Stairs, and sound the alarm.
  3. All EPC Team Members will then proceed to the ‘Lift Station’ site as soon as possible.  (They must ensure that they have their safety vests, gate fobs, and travel down in a golf cart, if they own one).
  4. Once at the Lift Station, an EPC Member will take charge, and send a Member(s) to the Front Gate to open it up for Fire Department vehicle entry.
  5. Toques will be placed over the electronic signal sensors at the front gate, to cover them and ensure that they remain open.
  6.  An EPC member will then remain at the gate, to direct the First Responders as they arrive.
  7. The EPC will contact the Block Captains assigned to the neighbourhood where the fire is located,  who will then inform the residents to consider evacuating to a safe spot, while the fire is being extinguished.
  8. The remaining EPC Team members at the Lift Station, will load the on-site firefighting equipment onto an available vehicle, and proceed to the area of the fire.
  9. If the fire is a brush fire, it may be advantageous to activate the sprinkler system at the same time.
  10. At this point, the only remaining responsibility of the EPC Team is to assist in any necessary fire control, i.e. prevention of the fire from spreading to any adjacent homes, or grass fires from starting on any other vulnerable homes.
  11. Once the Fire Department has arrived, the EPS Team’s responsibility will then shift to crowd and traffic control.