Street Captains & Zones



The EPC Committee is putting forth an initiative to establish Block Captains in our Community.

A Block Captain is defined as a “Cottages” resident who has volunteered to assist in alerting the community when an emergency situation, such as fire or flooding occurs.

The Cottages community has been ‘mapped out’ into 20 localized zones of approximately 10-15 residences, with a Block Captain assigned to each.

Following is a list of the responsibilities of the Block Captains: 

  1. Initially, a newly appointed BLOCK captain will become familiar with the zone to which they have have been assigned.
  2. It would be important for them to introduce themselves to the resident(s) in each home of their assigned area, and inform each of the purpose and benefits of the Block Captain progam.
  3. Residents will be made aware of both the ‘Community Emergency Response Manual’ and ‘Earthquake Bulletin’, and provided with copies of these documents should they be interested.
  4. If the resident wishes, they can also provide information concerning any medical conditions that exist with any of the residents living in the home, and in certain cases, if any special procedures must be followed in the event of an evacuation.
  5. Residents will also be asked to complete the ‘Homeowner Checklist’ and include all pertinent information.
  6. Residents will also be informed that they are not required to provide any information, if they do not wish to.  It is completely voluntary.